Just as the step on your tires wears away over time, the cartilage that cushions your joints can break down, too. It is a condition called osteoarthritis, And without enough padding, your bones will hurt once they rub against one another.

Work on the encompassing muscles.

Try to work up the muscles around your joint. to enhance symptoms in your knee, for instance, strengthen the quadriceps muscles, which are within the front of your thigh. A physiotherapist or personal trainer with experience in working with people with arthritis can show you exercises that will help.

Take delegated loads.

If you would like to hold an important load, spread the load over several joints: Wear a backpack or use a cross-body bag with a strap, instead of holding your shopping bags in your hands.

Manage your weight wisely.

Being overweight puts you more in danger of joint pain, just because it places extra stress on your weight-bearing joints, and each little helps: one US study found that losing just 1lb in weight delivers a 4lb reduction in knee load for every step taken during everyday activities.

Give your footwear more importance.

Always confirm you wear comfortable, supportive shoes, and remember, your feet may change form as you grow old, so it is a good idea to urge them to be measured by an experienced fitter, as you’ll need a special size or width fitting.

If you’ve got any queries or problems, contact the best orthopedic surgeon in Indore, at once.

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