Take care of your Bone Health with These Tips

It is true that as we age, our bone health tend to lose strength. However, there are many things we can do to avoid falls and fractures even as we age.

Be Active.

Your bones and muscles lose strength when you don’t move constantly. Your risk of bone loss, fractures, and falls rises as a result.

Moderately Challenging Exercise

Aim for 150 minutes (2 and a half hours) of moderate-intensity exercise each week for people over 65. It’s best to exercise occasionally during the day, but every day. Anything you do is always preferable to nothing. If you can, try to exercise outside and start out slowly.

Your heart rate will increase with moderate exercise, and you’ll also feel warmer and breathe more quickly. If you can still converse but can’t sing the words to a song, you may be exercising at a moderate intensity. And should definitely improve your orthopedic health

Include Activities with a Moderate Level of Intensity:

  • Walking
  • ballroom
  • line dancing
  • Swimming
  • cycling over flat or gently sloping terrain
  • pulling a grass while playing doubles tennis

Exercises to build strength, Additionally you ought to make an effort to work out your muscles and strengthen bones at least twice every week.

This Might Include:

  • Shaping fat area in your body
  • Carrying home groceries
  • Exercising upstairs and down stairs
  • Helping with daily tasks around the house, including moving furniture.
  • Plank exercise for 1-2 minutes

How to Eat for Strong Bones

As they age, some people notice a decrease in appetite. Getting the nutrition you need to maintain healthy muscles and bones may be more challenging if you eat less.

Maintain Appetite 

Your appetite will be maintained if you remain active. It’s still crucial to strive to maintain a balanced, healthy diet for your bone health.

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