Setting up your home for your return before you’ve got surgery will help keep you safe, make your life easier, and aid in your recovery. Listed below are suggestions for preparing your home for a secure recovery.

Pets and youngsters:

Small children and pets can pose a security hazard. young children may have to be taught the way to interact with you in ways which keep you safe. If you’ve got pets, make arrangements to stay pets in another area of the house once you arrive home.

Position of rest:

Sit in chairs that keep your knees less than your hips. Choose a firm, straight-back chair with armrests. A dining room chair may go if you don’t produce other chairs. Add a foam cushion or folded blanket if you would like to boost yourself up, but avoid sitting on a soft pillow. Also, avoid sitting in rolling chairs or recliners.

Easy access to daily items:

To avoid reaching or bending, keep frequently used items within easy reach, especially within the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, for instance, food, medications, phone. It’s an honest idea to hold a cell phone or portable phone with you at the least times during your recovery. 


Ask an occupational therapist the way to adapt your bathroom to satisfy your needs during recovery. You will likely need an elevated seat or commode and a shower chair.


It’s okay to climb stairs without assistance if you’re able. However, you’ll need help with

climbing stairs once you first get home. Consider installing handrails or confirm existing handrails are secure. For further assistance, contact the joint replacement surgeon in Indore.

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