Though cardiovascular diseases may have a good array of contributing causes from smoking to even high sodium intake, research has found that poor joint health may share a number of the blame.


You may be affected by inflammation in your joints, which can put your heart in danger. Joint inflammation caused by diseases like atrophic arthritis has been directly linked to a heart condition and other cardiovascular problems thanks to its negative effects on the guts.

Seek help:

To avoid cardiovascular risks posed by joint inflammation or certain medications, it’s important to stay your body (and joints) in healthy shape. Contact the Orthopedic surgeon in Indore for more details.

Side effects:

When talking about your joints, inflammation isn’t the sole risk to your heart health either. Some arthritis medications wont to treat this inflammation also can be harmful, like Prednisone and NSAIDs. Though Prednisone is employed to lower inflammation, it also can cause higher cholesterol, increased vital signs, and hardening of the arteries.

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