65 year old Anu Bai was suffering from OA with valgus knee deformity with WOMACK score 42.
Her ROM was compromised and restricted. Radiological findings suggest her valgus deformity with severe tricompartmental osteoarthritis of knee. Varus valgus stress was given to assess whether it is correctable or not. Her MCL was elongated and LCL was tight. Knee osteoarthritis treatment in Indore.
Our plan is to correct deformity and and to deploy well fixed metal back fixed bearing implants with equal flexion n extension gaps.
We will try to correct deformity with boney cuts. If required we will release soft tissues. Sequence of releases would be :
  • posterio lateral corner
  • Popliteal tendon
  • Ilio tibial band.
As we had planned, the surgery was executed and we got excellent results.

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