Full and partial knee replacement recovery and rehabilitation are simply as important because of the surgery itself. If you fail to follow recovery protocols, you’ll compromise the ultimate results of the surgery.


If you’ve got your driving leg operated, you’ll drive again as soon as you are feeling safe, which is typically three weeks after surgery. Also, you want to not get on pain medication and have regained strength in your driving leg.

Back to the office:

If your job requires frequent lifting and standing or bending, you’ll return to the figure after six to eight weeks. If you’re employed at a more labor-intensive job, your total joint specialist will work with you on a customized estimate of once you could be ready to return. In some cases, the time frame could be up to 3 months.


Sometimes, patients are literally more active after their knee replacement because they’re finally ready to move around without pain. It’s safe to return to activities like swimming, cycling, slow-paced tennis, hiking, and golfing—and, we greatly encourage it once your physiotherapy is completed. Contact us for knee replacement surgery in Indore.

On-time meds:

Some patients will get to take pain medicine fourfold daily, especially before physiotherapy. Every patient’s needs are different, but most patients require a good amount of pain medicine for the primary month after surgery so as for them to urge a good range of motion that’s required to possess good results.

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