Shoulder Replacement Doctor & Surgeon in Indore

Shoulder replacement surgeon in Indore, also known as glenohumeral arthroplasty, was pioneered by the renowned French surgeon Jules Emile Péan in 1893. Shoulder replacement is a surgical procedure where all the part of the glenohumeral joint is supplanted by prosthetic joints. Shoulder replacement surgeries are generally performed to help the patient get rid of arthritis in the shoulder joints. Arthritis is an illness that affects the cartilage of the joints. Most shoulder complications contain the shoulder’s soft tissues or nerves like the Ligaments, muscles and tendons. The bones in the shoulder can also be affected by this. There are different types of injuries that can happen to a shoulder. Doctors will test the condition of the shoulder first, before indulging in any type of surgeries. The tests include a sequence of standard x-rays, CT scan which is a specialized version of x-ray and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) which helps to calculate the bone quality of a patient. The primary objective of shoulder replacement is getting rid of the severe pain. Accordingly, shoulder replacement helps to restore the motion, strength and function. The surgery actually replaces the damaged humeral head with a metal ball. The surgery begins by separating the deltoid and the pectoral muscles, assisting the shoulder to have a large nerve free area which will decrease the chances of nerve-related wounds drastically. The patient is allowed to use the hand and the shoulder right after the surgery. It takes approximately 6 weeks to do the light lifting work with the shoulder.

Shoulder Revision Doctor & Surgeon in Indore

Shoulder replacement surgeries fail due to several reasons. If a shoulder replacement surgery fails, doctors perform a revision surgery to restore the function of the shoulder. There are numerous reasons for a shoulder revision surgery. For example Instability, glenoid loosing, scapular bone loss, rotator cuff tear, joint contracture etc. Also, due to infection surgically removing and replacing the old prosthesis is highly recommended. The revision surgery is so complicated and there are so many remedying choices, doctors must do the surgery according to the condition of the patient. Before doing a revision surgery a patient should discuss with a certified orthopaedic surgeon and check if a revision shoulder surgery is going to be beneficial or not. Shoulder replacement surgeries are successful, and a lot of prosthetic joints last for lifelong. But, most of the prosthetic joints related to shoulder, knee and hip last for maximum 10 to 20 years. This can occur due to continuous movement and motion of the prosthetic joint. If a shoulder prosthetic joint fail, a shoulder revision surgery is recommended. It’s a complex and major operation where patients have to go through general anaesthesia and it means the patient will lose complete consciousness and not going to feel any sort of pain. Shoulder revision surgery takes a lot of experience and preciseness, a team of doctors will execute the operation with specialized tools. A team of experienced doctors will help to reduce the risk of revision surgery drastically. Shoulder revision surgery takes approximately 2 hours in total. Though, the preoperative operation and postoperative retrieval may take several hours.

Shoulder Trauma Doctor & Surgeon in Indore

Receiving shoulder trauma is a common thing. Shoulder fractures and dislocations can happen due to many reasons. A high-speed car accident can fracture treatment in Indore the collarbone or the shoulder blade (scapula). There is a point in our life where we injure our shoulder even for once. 3 bones in total complete our shoulder. Scapula, humerus and clavicle, you may know them as shoulder blade, arm bone and clavicle. Except for a car accident, there can be various reasons for getting a shoulder trauma. For example, lenient tissue injuries, tears of the ligaments, tendons and a dislocation of the acromioclavicular joint (collar bone joint) can also be called “separated shoulder”. Fractures on the proximal humerus or the clavicle can happen by a direct blow like falling directly on shoulder, collision or car accident. Though clavicle is protected by the chest and neighbouring muscle, a trauma possessing high energy such as high-speed vehicle accident can cause the shoulder blade to get fractured.

On the other hand dislocations of the shoulder can happen due to various reasons. For example, a dislocation can happen when an arm is being vehemently warped outwards, it’s called anterior dislocation. Posterior dislocation may occur when an arm is being electrified or a seizure. Posterior dislocation cases are less than an anterior dislocation. There are several symptoms of shoulder trauma like pain, swelling and bruising, deformity, incapability to move the shoulder, a crushing sensation when you are moving your shoulder. Most of these fractures are diagnosed by x-ray of the particular area.