An acetabular fracture is a break in the socket portion of the ball and the socket hip joint. There hip socket fractures are uncommon. They occur much less frequently than any other fracture of the upper femur. The majority of acetabular fractures are produced by some type of highly energetic events like high speed car collusion. Many times patients may require some additional medical assistance regarding some injuries that needs instant medical attention. In common cases, like a light motor cycle accident may cause an acetabular fracture to an aged person who is having much weaker bones. Treatment of acetabular fractures includes surgery to restore the normal anatomy of the hip and steady the hip joint. A fractured pelvic acetabular will have a constant pain. If you move, the pain will increase significantly. If there is any sort of nerve damage happen with the injury, the patient may go through numbness. The patient will feel feebleness and tingling sense just down the leg. There are different treatments for fractured pelvic acetabular. Through non-surgical and surgical methods you can restore all the functions. Non-surgical methods involve medications, positioning aids, walking aids etc. Before going for any methods, the doctor will do various tests of the fractured acetabular. The doctor will check the specific pattern of the fracture, how much bones are displaced and your overall health condition. Not treating the fracture can lead to some serious issues like infections, sciatic nerve injury, blood clots, posttraumatic arthritis, avascular necrosis and many others. Taking proper care and doctor’s advice can help you to prevent this problems.