Knee Replacement Surgery

Pushp clinic provides one of the best Knee replacement surgeries and related medical care in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Knee replacement surgery, also recognized as knee arthroplasty. It can help to recover from the extreme pain in the knee and restore the functions in sternly contaminated knee joints. Knee replacement surgery helps to restore the knee motions and movements. During knee replacement operations, our surgeon cuts away the damaged bone and cartilage from your shinbone, kneecap and thighbone then they replace it with an artificial joint made of metal alloys, High-quality plastics and polymer. The first artificial knees were more of rudimentary fulcra. Now at Pushp clinic, our doctors can cherry-pick from a variety of designs that will perfectly suit according to your requirements. Artificial knees vary consequently with age, activity level, body weight, overall health status etc. Most knee replacement joints endeavour to imitate your knee’s natural ability to roll and glide as it bends and moves with the motion.

At our clinic, qualified and experienced orthopaedic surgeon executes knee replacement surgery. Before the procedure, the surgeon takes the medical history of yours and performs a physical examination before taking any further decisions. Medical examinations include investigating the Knee’s range of motion, strength and stability of the knee and x-ray. These tests will determine the amount of knee damage you have and our doctor will decide what to do next based on this results. Knee replacement requires anaesthesia to ease the surgery and make you comfortable during the operation. Based on the patients’ medical report and history doctors will decide whether to use general anaesthesia or spiral and epidural anaesthesia.

Revision Knee Replacement Indore

According to a survey, the majority of knee replacement lasts maximum for 25 years. 1 out of 10 people needs Knee replacement again within 10 years. There are occasions when knee replacement surgery has to be performed again, which also recognized as revision Knee surgery. There are many reasons for repeating knee surgery which includes loosening, wear of the moving (articulating) parts, Infection on innumerable areas. Doctors execute the operation by removing the former knee replacement mechanisms and replacing them with newer ones. Pushp clinic provides highly qualified, well equipped medical services regarding revision Knew replacement. Our clinic is outfitted with highly experienced and qualified doctors who are assisting patients to recover from revision knee surgery.

Before the operation, our doctors do some tests regarding the current condition of the knee. It helps the doctor to do the surgery with high precision.

In this procedure of revision Knee surgery, doctor eradicates some or all of the parts of the original prosthesis. After that, they replace them with immaculate mechanisms. Although, both of the techniques possess the same goal, to get rid of the pain and swollen condition of the knee.  Revise Knee operation improves the function and movement of the knee joint. Revision surgery follows a totally different path from normal main knee surgeries. It takes a lot more exactitude, the procedure is also pretty complex and it requires extensive planning. At the pushp clinic, our mission is to ensure that a patient goes through the perfect and well-contained procedure.

Knee Trauma in Indore

Knee trauma, also recognized as knee injuries can be caused by many certain events. As we know four bones  organized together at the knee. Though only the femur, also known as thighbone and tibia (shinbone) join in a proper synchronized way. The steadiness of knee joints is maintained by four ligaments.  Getting a direct blow to make the knee more vulnerable to twisting or dislocating. It can cause fatal injuries, based upon the amount of damage knee injuries are divided into three separate degrees. First, second and third-degree injuries can happen to our knees. Twisting knee can create a pressure on the respective cartilage. Knee trauma can result in a higher amount of constant pain. At pushp clinic, we are continuously providing service to any kind of knee trauma our patients are facing. We have doctors, experts in their own field providing top-notch quality medical care to our patients.

A lot of knee related problems happen due to age and continuously putting stress and pressure on knee joints, this is also known as arthritis. Other knee problems are connected to putting sudden stress on the knee or putting too much overload than it can actually handle. There are many types of knee injuries like arthritis, tendonitis, torn cartilage and also strained and sprained knee ligaments or muscles. Our doctor at Pushp clinic runs some tests before advancing related to knee trauma. Tests include X-ray, computed tomography scan also known as Ct or CAT scan, radionuclide bone scan etc. Our mission is to restore the knee condition for our patient in a perfectly well-contained path.